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Technology Helping Employers Win with Employee Benefits

While you will probably never see a benefits specialist on the cover of Wired Magazine, technology with the use of employee benefits has come a long way. New systems and programs have been established to assist the load and process of employers. Systems to assist with employee on boarding, Human Resources, Time and Attendance, payroll, etc.

In the past, each of the these task were conducted or managed by individual providers. One system would keep track of time and attendance while another assisted with the Human Resource function and yet another to process payroll. Today, systems are available that can integrate all the functions that required several programs in the past.

A single entry platform allows users to reduce time and workloads by eliminating duplicate tasks. The systems offer employer and employee portals with access for employees to obtain information about their payroll, benefits, Personal Time off, directly from the site also eliminating additional work. The portal also act a document repositories to maintain important documents for employees to use.

Our Robust Technology platform offers employers with a wide array of tools that can integrate with most payroll, HR and Benefits providers. If you have been searching for a complete system that can integrate payroll, HR and benefits into a single system, you need to call us at 800-362-2809. Our basic systems are FREE and can save your company $1000’s.

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