HRIS Systems

What is HRIS and how can it Help Business?

Human Resource Information Systems are technology systems and platforms that, in the past, operated independently of each other proving to be a very inefficient system with redundant applications and workflows that often caused more problems than they actually solved. Technology advancements in Benefits and HRIS platforms have enabled these programs to consolidated, reducing the work load necessary to maintain these functions within an organization and ultimately save businesses money.

ABM 360 Solutions has partnered with a technology company to provide innovative solutions that integrated the Human Resource, Personal Time / Attendance functions, Compliance, Employee Benefits, Employee On boarding and payroll onto a single platform.

This robust HRIS platform when combined with our tax savings options and benefit solutions can reduce an employers cost of providing benefits by 25% to 50%.

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The technology is provided at NO COST to qualified employers. Call us today for a free consultation at 800-362-2809.

Why Enroll Online?

  • What is online enrollment?
  • Why online enrollment?
  • How online enrollment works
  • Online enrollment technology
  • How to get started

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