HR Technology

Technology is an important component in running a business.   We depend on technology to improve our work experience, increase employee satisfaction and easing the burden of labor.

In today’s technological environment, employers must use technology to keep pace with changing laws and compliance.   It is therefore not surprising that 80% of businesses outsource their Human Resource functions to a third party provider.

Evaluating a technology provider can be very complex and time consuming.  ABM 360 has vetted and evaluated HRIS systems, conducting tests with small and large employers to determine which system(s) offer the best value.     Based on the assessments and reviews, we selected a platform that is easy to use, low cost and comprehensive.   Our platform will allow employers to use only what they need and ABM 360 will provide the resources, tools and support to confidently use technology supporting your business growth.

Human Resources

Employee Onboarding

Online Benefit Enrollments

Payroll Integration



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