Required Notification

Regardless of your opinion of the Affordable Care Act / Obamacare, it is
law. As an employer, you are required to comply with various mandates and
reporting requirements, or pay fines.

Since the ACA’s passing, ABM Insurance & Benefit Services, Inc., with
our agents, have been working with employer groups of all sizes and our
insurance providers to help them create a viable plan, satisfy the mandates
and provide the necessary compliance that will help prevent them from
paying the large fines that are associated with the ACA.

Large Group – 50 or more employees

Companies employing 50 or more full-time and/or full-time equivalent
employees are subject to the Pay or Play Mandate. This means you are now
required to offer your employees health insurance or you must pay a

The ACA is packed full of compliance regulations – Click on the link to
obtain an updated, complete compliance review.

If you have questions or would like additional information about ABM360
Solutions, please click on the contact form below or call 800-362-2809.

How to Determine the Number of Employees in Your Company

To determine the number of full-time equivalents, add up the total number
of hours worked by your part-time employees and divide it by the number of
hours a full-time employee would work in that period. This will tell you
how many full-time equivalent employees you have. For example, two
part-time employees who work 15 hours a week would equal one full-time
equivalent employee working 30 hours a week. If you employ 50 or more
full-time employees or full-time equivalents, you are subject to the Pay or
Play Mandate which means you must offer your employees health insurance or
pay a penalty.

Click here for the IRS guidance regarding FTE Employees

If you do not employ 50 employees or more, you are not subject to the Pay
or Play Mandate and will not be penalized for not offering health
insurance. However, your health insurance plan will now only use modified
community rates which could increase the costs of providing coverage for
your company.


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