Employee Benefits Blueprint: Your Secret Weapon to Attract, Motivate and Retain Quality Employees!!

Making Healthcare Great Again!

There has to be a better benefit plan that employers can afford!

Most Small Employers feel trapped / forced into the traditional plans provided by the BIG Insurance Companies, agreeing to set plans and rates with double digit rate increases every year.

There are options outside of the traditional insurance providers that can provide flexibility while establishing cost control measures to stabilize the cost of your plans.

Tools for controlling costs and maintaining compliance in a turbulent and changing employee benefits market.

Our firm has a solution that can integrate HR, Payroll and benefits into a seamless system:

  • New – Innovative plan designs that provide Employers with exceptional value
  • Online Employee onboarding
  • HR Systems
  • Time and Attendance
  • Tax Saving plans
  • Integrates with most payroll providers
  • Compliance systems built into the portal
  • Professional employee benefit guides
  • Local staff can conduct on site benefit training with staff
  • Wellness plans and education to reduce out of pocket cost
  • And a lot more value than you currently receive from your current providers.

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