Making Healthcare Affordable Again

Today’s Healthcare Crisis

There is no doubt that our healthcare system is in turmoil. The United States offers the finest healthcare delivery in the world with technological breakthroughs in medicine occurring every year.

These breakthroughs extend and save lives. With thousands of foreign patients traveling to the United States every month for our advanced medical treatment, we are blessed to have access to the treatments. While the healthcare delivery is unmatched, so too is the cost for healthcare in the United States.

Our agency has health insurance specialists who work to provide our clients with the best value for health care. Health Insurance is merely a way of financing your healthcare during your lifetime. The premiums you pay are pooled with others in your age and demographic to pay for the eligible healthcare cost you incur. Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the cost of insurance has increased to a point that many are not able to afford. Additionally, the out of pocket cost with deductibles and coinsurance are more than the average family can manage. What good is a health insurance plan if you cannot afford to access the care?

Many Different Options Available

Our practice has worked with clients for the past 30 years, providing viable solutions for financing their healthcare cost through risk transfer (insurance), Discounted medical services and general advocacy. We have been working with a local Physician Patient Cooperative that is working to help solve the healthcare crisis in our country. A Physician Patient Cooperative is a group of medical providers that form an association for the purposes of providing medical care to the members that participate. As long as you receive direct medical care from a PPC provider, there is little, if any additional cost, other than the membership fee. This works for Doctors, Labs, Imaging and other basic services. When combing the PPC with a catastrophic hospitalization plan, we are able to offer our clients an affordable alternative for healthcare that was not previously available to them.

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